E-Mail Marketing

It's the best bang for your buck, minimal cost and effort yielding the highest return, and is perfect for customer retention.  E-mail marketing will convert the highest out of all of your marketing efforts.  Think of it, you probably don't check your old MySpace profile anymore, but I bet you still check the same e-mail address for the past 5 years.  Am I right?  I have over 8,000 'friends' on MySpace that I can't talk to (or market to) anymore, but that's not the case with my e-mail lists. 

I've setup, designed, and hand-coded promotional e-mail campaigns for the last 10 years.  Recently I've focused on transactional e-mails, which are the welcome e-mails, thank you e-mails, segmented e-mails based on buyer behavior - and my personal favorite - abandoned cart e-mails.  Last year I setup and sent over 160 e-mail promotional campaigns for one of my top clients.  58 of these campaigns were sent during the 4th quarter.

Spotlight Campaign:

​​22% Open Rate
9% Click Rate ​

4% Conversion Rate

The best bang for your buck:


 - Minimal cost

 - Highest ROI

 - Customer