Put My Experienced Team To Work

It's hard building a website, setting a marketing strategy, optimizing your website for search engines, e-mailing your existing customers, and finding new ones, isn't it? 

                  Let me help.





From setting your marketing strategy to writing content for your site.  No project is too large or small for our team. 

My quest to understand marketing began when all good things began... in the 90s

While in college, I started interning at large NYC publications in the late 90s.  By the early 00s I was designing e-mail marketing blasts and web banners along with writing web marketing copy for a top independent record label and direct marketing outlet based out of the West Village of NYC.

From there I advanced to an agency managing a large print catalog and e-commerce division of a nationally recognized brand.  This was during the early stages of SEO and AdWords, before page titles and meta descriptions were a blip on the radar of internet marketers.

In the mid 00s I advanced to work for the largest hospitality operator in the world managing SEO, onsite content, SEM, affiliate and e-mail marketing initiatives for their North American corporate office based out of the empire state building in New York City.

Looking at my background, I noticed I had freelance, small business, agency, and corporate training all wrapped up in one person.  That's when I decided to start JOE WILSON MARKETING & CONSULTING SERVICES focused on internet marketing in NJ.


I work with a small team of highly talented individuals, splitting our skills between who is right for the job.  While I handle all of the SEO/SEM, e-mail, affiliate, retargeting and display campaigns - graphic design, PR, photography, and video production are all additional services that my team can provide.  Did I mention that my video guy is a national award winner?  I didn't?  Well he is!  I'll send you his demo reel upon request.

Here are a few tangible accomplishments I have been able to achieve:

  •  Currently rank #1 in Google and Bing for multiple highly competitive keywords

  •  Managed over 3,000 keywords in

      AdWords and Bing campaigns, with ROAS ranging from 3:1 to 15:1 between generic

      and branded keywords
  •  Setup Social Media accounts for client with nearly 15,000 Facebook likes and over

      8,700 Twitter followers


Aside from my marketing experience I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communication with a concentration in Journalism from William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ.  My writing has also been published in numerous nationally distributed entertainment publications.