Remarketing works.  Traditional display advertising industry standard click-thru rates range from .05% - .08%.  It's good for branding, but you can burn through impressions pretty quickly on these types of ad servers, which can burn through your marketing budget on wasted impressions.

Remarketing campaigns can be setup to track customers who visited your website but left without converting.  Then while they surf the web, they will see ads for your website - usually with a promotional code or incentive for them to come back to your site, and convert.  So instead of blindly placing an ad on a website, you are hitting leads that already showed interest in your company or product

You're already spending money on acquiring new customers.  Remarketing is a cheap way to increase your ROI by making it a part of your marketing mix.




way to Drastically Increase Conversion Rates

Think of Remarketing as...

A second chance at the one that got away.  Don't you wish life was this easy?